Refinement & Processing

With 60 years’ experience in chemical and industrial specific solutions, Hayward Tyler has proven its capability to provide a pumping solution to meet its customer’s specific needs.

Many thousands of our Varley Pumps and Canned Motor ranges are installed globally. With high integrity solutions and a design and manufactured long service life, our products are easily maintained with low requirements.

Varley pumps ensure a non-pulsating flow in a compact and space saving design. Due to the nature of their interchangeability, they require no onsite adjustment aiding to their long lifetime. The pumping solution is both economical and easily maintained.

Canned motor pumps are used in a variety of high pressure, high temperature applications. Hayward Tyler has been providing CMP solutions since the 1950s. Product features include no mechanical seals, low risk of breakage and quiet when running.

Instances of our products in service within the refinement and processing industry include, the IGCC demonstration project in South Korea, a process that extracts synthetic gas for coal to use as an electricity generating fuel. Further to this the BDO project in China, using our products in the manufacture of plastics, elastic fibres and polyurethanes.

With a change in plant processes to meet increasing efficiency, the demand for refined products is continuing to grow.

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