High-Temperature Pumps

Custom designed, high-temperature pumps for molten salt, liquid metal, or liquid sodium applications.

Design Features

Design Features of Hayward Tyler High-Temperature Pumps

Our high-temperature pumps are custom designed to match the requirements of cutting-edge technology using high-temperature fluids. Our pumps are engineered for the highest level of safety and consider the unique characteristics of each application in the design. This includes thermal stress, thermal growth, and pump sealing options. We understand these challenges and have design solutions to solve these complex problems.

Some key features of these designs include:

  • Design temperature of 750C+ (1380F)
  • Pump hydraulic design accounts for fluid corrosion rates
  • Optimized for proper thermal management
  • Validated thermal stress designs considering dissimilar materials and thermal growth rates
  • Materials of construction include stainless steels and state of the art high nickel alloys, such as Inconel 625 and Hastelloy grades
  • Design and build in accordance with ASME Section III, Div. 5 or ASME Section VIII, as needed
Codes & Specifications

Codes & Specifications

  • ASME Section III, Div. 5
  • ASME Section VIII Div 1
  • Performance test to Hydraulic Institute (HI) standards
  • Other standards as required
Hydraulic Range

Hydraulic Range

Custom hydraulics available



Hayward Tyler High-Temperature Pumps are ideal for applications such as:

  • Advanced Nuclear using Molten Salt or Liquid Sodium loops
  • Concentrated Solar Power- Primary Coolant Salt Pumps
  • High temperature metal


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