P100 Series Portable Condition Monitoring System

The P100 series is a range of portable devices that give you a snap-shot assessment of the health of your hard-to-access equipment— including mechanical, electrical, and operational aspects—using a Model-Based Voltage and Current (MBVI) technique.

Overview & Features

Overview & Features of the P100 Series

Ideally suited for remote or difficult-to-access equipment, the P100 Series Portable Condition Monitoring System measures the voltage and current drawn by your equipment’s motor to identify a wide range of specific failure modes and assess damage. It also measures energy consumption and identifies a range of energy wasting parameters.

Testing takes only a few minutes – at the end of which the device creates an automatic written and graphic report that can be edited and emailed.

Simple Installation
The only connections required to operate the P100 series are current clamps to measure the current and dolphin connectors to measure the voltage.

All connections and testing are done in the switch room and are taken from the low voltage and low current signals feeding the protection system. There is no need to disconnect or disturb any existing connections.

Fault Parameters
Available Outputs

Available Outputs

The P100 series Equipment Health Assessment kit provides a wide range of outputs, ranging from basic electrical parameters to advice on corrective action on any faults found. Examples include:

Automated advice depending on fault

belt drive spectrum for Condition Monitoring System

Automatic identification of spectral

Automatic identification of spectral

Automatic identification of rotor bar condition and provision of supporting information

Automatic identification of rotor bar condition and provision of supporting information

Overview of condition and automatic provision of information on faults detected

Condition and automated provision of information on faults detected

Fast, precise reporting

By entering only a few simple parameters, the Health Assessor will rapidly create an automated report of:

  • Unbalance/misalignment
  • Bearing problems
  • Foundation looseness
  • Transmission looseness or rubbing
  • Motor rotor bar breaks
  • Motor stator problems
  • Electrical odd harmonic abnormalities
  • Electrical even harmonic abnormalities
  • Any other spectrum peak beyond the normal expected values


Download our brochure to read more about Hayward Tyler Condition Monitoring:

Condition Monitoring Brochure

Easy, convenient monitoring of the health of your pumps and motors

Watch the video to learn how our Portable Condition Monitoring System works and how it can help you take control of the performance and maintenance of your hard-to-access pumps and motors:

The P100 Series: How can it help you?

  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance work
  • Avoid unexpected breakdowns by spotting developing
    problems before they become critical
  • Minimize energy wastage and quantify the benefits using
    the energy wastage figures
  • Create a baseline profile of new equipment at a factory
  • Perform acceptance and commissioning testing on
    equipment to confirm no damage has occurred during
    delivery and installation
  • Monitor the condition of otherwise inaccessible equipment,
    such as submerged pumps, borehole pumps, in-tank
    pumps, cryogenic pumps, roof mounted fans, etc.

Product Details

Hover over the numbers for details about each feature.

Also included: Power lead + USB cable and PC tablet (not pictured).

Save money with a predictive
maintenance strategy.

A conservative preventative maintenance strategy results in a high cost of maintenance and low cost of failure, while a reactive strategy results in a low cost of maintenance, but a high cost of failure. Our predictive approach reveals the optimal maintenance time to help maximize availability without performing unnecessary maintenance.

predictive maintenance diagram for Condition Monitoring Systems
an ocean oil rig at sunset

Providing real-time assessment of the operational health of your performance-critical pump and motor equipment.

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