Hayward Tyler has been active in the nuclear market since the mid 1950’s when it supplied units to Calder Hall, the world’s first full scale nuclear generating plant.

The company continued to support and provide products to succeeding generations of nuclear power plant in the UK, Magnox and Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors, right up to the most recent plant, the Pressurised Water Reactor station at Sizewell B.

Our facility in the USA which holds an ASME B&PV “N”, “NPT”, “NA” and “U” stamps, as well as the “NS” certificates, supports and services a significant local installed fleet. Over 60% of operating nuclear stations in North America operate with Hayward Tyler products.

Units have also been supplied for nuclear decommissioning and reprocessing applications such as Sellafield in the UK. In addition we have also supplied specialist units for defence applications, supporting nuclear propulsion systems and facilities both on and offshore.

Today the company has over 600 of its pumps in active service in nuclear applications across the world.

  • 60 year market operation
  • US Facility holds the ASME B&PV “N”, “NPT”, “NA”, “U” stamps & “NS” Cert
  • 600 Units operational worldwide
  • 40+ year lifetime
  • Units in 60%+ nuclear power stations in North America
  • Global capacity due to increase by approximately 55% by 2035
  • Investment in Luton in relation to the CN:SiG programme
  • HT Inc have been key in the US nuclear industry
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