We design, manufacture and service fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for performance-critical applications across the power market.

With more BCPs installed worldwide than any other manufacturer, we are the industry’s first choice for performance and reliability.

Faced with today’s tough market challenges, you can’t afford to take any risks – you must know who you can always rely on to deliver to specification, on time, and on budget.

Hayward Tyler is recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of glandless wet stator circulating pumps for the power industry.

We invented the technology over 60 years ago and now have more than 2,300 units operating in both nuclear and conventional fossil-fuelled power generating plants. These include GT combined cycle, fluidised bed, and coal gasification installations. Our market leadership is underpinned by our commitment to continuous technical improvement, product quality and reliability.

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Our high-availability, low-maintenance glandless
motor and pump units are recognised worldwide
as the most reliable and robust available today.

High power, high performance, low maintenance.

Simplicity of design, unrivalled manufacturing numbers and operational experience
all make Hayward Tyler the boiler and utility sector’s preferred choice
across sub, super and ultra-supercritical capabilities.

motor pumps

By eliminating the need for shaft seals and oil-lubricated ball bearings, we greatly improve the Mean Time Between Failure through designing out the two most common pump failure components.

Instead, we rely on a proven process lubrication bearing design, and also integrate the motor and wet end of our canned pumps, removing the need for a coupling, guard or heavy-duty baseplate and so reducing installation costs.

retrofit motors

We can retrofit our glandless technology to your existing pump cases and impellers, replacing the entire seal system and motor assembly with a unit capable of running for years without maintenance.

Based on continuous operation, overhauls are typically at five or six-year intervals, and we can retrofit regardless of pump case orientation, from 30kW to 3,000kW, two-pole, four-pole or even six-pole, and up to 415 Bar g pressure.


We also incorporate an array of other industry-leading features our engineering experts have developed. These all help drive efficiency, ensure reliability, and deliver low maintenance, a long lifespan, and a high ROI
– however challenging the operating environment.


Unit arrangement

Our glandless pumps are arranged vertically, with the motor usually suspended below the pump case
which is welded to the boiler suction and discharge pipework. The unit does not need foundation bolts
and can therefore move as the boiler pipework expands and contracts.

We can also install above the pump when retrofitting glandless wet stator motors to existing units, and this is particularly useful where there are problems with mechanical seal pumps driven by conventional air-cooled motors.


Motor stator

Our motor stator windings comprise copper cores covered in an XLPE insulation, with a PVC sleeve delivering additional protection. The stator is easily removed from the casing for repair.

We use PVC wedges to secure the windings in the stator slots, and the ends turns are bound together and tied to supports on the stator shell to minimise movement.


Moulded jointing system

Our proprietary injection moulded jointing system has been approved by an independent industry body which subjects the joints to accelerated lifetime testing.

The process ensures that the high-integrity internal joints meet the exacting standards needed for high-duty applications and deliver long-life performance.


Hot neck

The unique hot neck arrangement, which is part of the motor case forging, limits the transfer of heat from the
pump to the motor and negates the need for a separate heat barrier with independent cooling water supply.


Tilting pad design

All Hayward Tyler pump and cover end motor radial bearings are high-capacity, asbestos free and of the tilting pad design. They are exceptionally tolerant to magnetite ingress from boilers, and the pump end radial bearing is positioned to minimise impeller overhang while limiting temperature rise.

Quality and durability

Our commitment to continuous improvement means all our products are durable and meet – or exceed – quality standards.

A key reason for our worldwide recognition as the leading supplier of glandless motor pumps is the simplicity of pressure containment within our design, which comprises three continuously connected vessels:

Pump case
– accommodates fluids to the highest boiler temperatures and pressures.

Motor case
– maintained at low temperatures but with full system pressure.

Heat exchanger
– sized to maintain the motor cavity coolant at low temperatures
while at full system pressure.

Quality Standards:


Global service capability

Our status as an industry-leading OEM supplier is reflected
in our commitment to world-class after-sales service.

We have dedicated facilities in the UK, USA, India, and China with our specialist field personnel delivering the full range of service and repair options for all planned and predictive maintenance cycles as well as a comprehensive electrical and mechanical inspection capability.

Our after-sales support can be delivered on a supervised or turnkey basis, with turnkey now growing in popularity as an effective means of reducing staffing overheads.

All Hayward Tyler service centres also offer design updates, troubleshooting and root cause failure analysis, with our engineering field support teams available to work with you on-site.

We hold all the original parts and service drawings not only of our own original products but also for GE-manufactured BCPs, and we also provide field and shop service capabilities for GE, Westinghouse, KSB, IR, Fuji and Torishima BCPs.

Our service centres can supply identical part-for-part spares or our teams can take advantage of design upgrades and improvements and deliver smaller, lighter replacement products. Many clients opt to invest in spare motors designed to the original’s specification which we can store at one of our facilities and that can be routinely overhauled during non-premium time.
This allows rapid swap-out when the main motor is out of action, so reducing maintenance costs and significantly cutting outage times.

Our BCPs are used by
the world’s leading operators including:

China Guodian Corporation Co.
China Huadian Group
China Huaneng Group
China Shenhua Energy Co.
Datang International Power Generation Co.
Duke Energy
ENEA (Poland)
Tata Power

Supercritical support for coal-fired power station

When Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH needed reliability, they selected a Hayward Tyler BCP to act as a vital component during boiler start-up cycles.

Meeting mega project start-up cycle challenge

Designed in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) and ASME pressure vessel codes, the pumps were subjected to a highly demanding NTPC hot test, with a purpose-built loop test.

Leading the way in large-scale coastal power generation

Breaking new ground in large-scale coastal power generation, the operators chose Hayward Tyler pumps for super-critical once-through boiler pumps.


Engineered solutions for the global energy sector.

Global reputation

For the past 200 years, Hayward Tyler has been meeting – and exceeding – client expectations and we have built a global reputation for industry-leading innovation, quality, and reliability.

Hayward Tyler is recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of glandless wet stator circulating pumps for the power industry.

We invented the technology over 60 years ago and now have more than 2,300 units operating in both nuclear and conventional fossil-fuelled power generating plants. These include GT combined cycle, fluidised bed, and coal gasification installations.

Our market leadership is underpinned by our commitment to continuous technical improvement, product quality and reliability.

Trusted partner

Our circulation pumps are a tried and tested solution for performance-critical, high pressure, high temperature boiler systems. We are a preferred supplier to major EPCs and boiler manufacturers worldwide who recognise us for our unsurpassed experience and engineering know-how.

We are the ‘go-to’ trusted partner for tough challenges, and we work with operators and EPCs to develop the next generation  circulation pump technology needed to operate at the high pressures and temperatures demanded by state-of-the-art super and ultra-supercritical boiler systems.

Continuous improvement

We understand that you can never achieve reliability without quality, and we have an over-arching commitment to continuous improvement.

Our exceptional workforce, our state-of-the-art production line, and our fully flexible supply chain allows us to deliver the most complex projects anywhere in the world against an average 40-week lead-time and with an assured
65,000 hours Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM).

Centre of Excellence

We are creating the world’s most advanced Centre of Excellence for specialist fluid-filled motor manufacture, a cutting edge facility where our enhanced test capability and lean manufacturing processes will enable our next generation technology to be delivered with unrivalled quality assurance and even shorter lead times.









Into the future with our Centre of Excellence.

Our multi-million pound investment in the new Hayward Tyler Centre of Excellence is adding new facilities to our already extensive HQ in Luton as well as significant extra support for R&D and the training and development of our workforce.

Hayward Tyler already leads the way in innovative design, engineering and production process across the energy sector
– not just in power generation, but also in upstream oil and gas and renewables – and we are committed to further enhancing the products and services we can offer.

For our clients, this means reduced lead times, even better certainty of supply, reliable project delivery, and top-level engineering support and analysis.

As part of this customer-centric quest for continuous improvement, we have achieved a Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth award that is allowing us to up-skill our UK workforce to meet ‘Fit For Nuclear’ standards and this achievement will carry across into all that we do.

Our manufacturing centre is already certified to ISO 9001 and has been granted both ASME and nuclear accreditation, and we are the only UK provider of industry-specific hotbed testing.

“Our expert knowledge, precision engineering and world-class manufacturing processes enable us to deliver unsurpassed product capabilities, reliability and performance.”

For further information on Hayward Tyler’s next generation of performance-critical pumping solutions for the power industry, please contact +44 (0)1582 731144 or complete the form below.

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