Hayward Tyler Signs Agreement with Ruhrpumpen to Service Vertical & Industrial Pump Products

VERMONT, USA – Hayward Tyler, a global leader in performance-critical pumps and motors for the energy sector, is pleased to announce an agreement with Ruhrpumpen, a leading manufacturer of pump systems around the globe, to better serve customers in the conventional power and industrial markets.

Under a license agreement, Ruhrpumpen will exclusively manufacture, sell, and supply parts and services for Westinghouse and Babcock & Wilcox pumps, using Hayward Tyler’s Intellectual Property. The resulting agreement includes all new and replacement Westinghouse vertical pump products, parts and equipment and Babcock & Wilcox industrial pumps.

“This agreement is a significant opportunity to take advantage of our complementary capabilities and help us deliver greater value to our existing and future customers,” said Benjamin Hardy, President of Hayward Tyler Inc. “We are excited to strengthen our relationship with Rurhpumpen Group.”

“We are proud to once again partner with Hayward Tyler to service the conventional power and industrial markets,” said Marcelo Elizondo, President of Global Sales and Marketing for Rurhpumpen Group. “This alliance has the capabilities and resources to meet the needs of the markets.”

About Hayward Tyler
Hayward Tyler, part of the Engineered Pumps and Motors Division of Avingtrans plc,, manufactures and services performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding applications in the global energy and chemical processing industries, specializing in high pressure, high temperature, and difficult-to-handle fluids. The company has built a solid reputation for delivering quality, reliability, and world-class engineering with facilities in the UK, the US, China, and India.

About Ruhrpumpen
Ruhrpumpen is an innovative and streamlined global pump Technology Company that offers highly engineered (as well as conventional) pumping solutions for the oil & gas, power generation, industrial, chemical and water markets. Our broad range of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps exceeds the requirements of the most demanding quality specifications and industry standards such as API, ANSI, ASME, ISO and Hydraulic Institute.

For more information:
Larry Jacobs • Larry.Jacobs@haywardtyler.com • (802) 655-4444
Marcelo Elizondo • melizondo@ruhrpumpen.com • (81) 8158-5500

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