Hayward Tyler selected for award of DOE funding for high temperature concentrating solar power pump development

Hayward Tyler is pleased to announce it has been selected for a $2 million funding award as part of the US Department of Energy initiative to advance high-temperature concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. Individual projects aim to de-risk CSP technologies by advancing high-temperature components and developing integrated assembly designs with thermal energy storage that can reach high operating temperatures. The overall goal is to improve efficiency and reduce plant costs by utilizing operating temperatures greater than 700°C which will lower the cost of a CSP system by approximately $0.02 per kilowatt-hour.

Hayward Tyler’s project, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Lab and High Temperature System Designs, LLC,  “Development of High-Temperature Molten Salt Pump Technology for Gen3 Solar Power Tower Systems” will improve existing long-shafted, vertical hot salt pump technology by enabling use in higher temperature salts. The team will research and develop a test rig in order to provide a recommendation for submerged bearing material types to be utilized in a next generation pump design. The project will also develop pump designs that can efficiently operate in the target hot and cold molten salt environments using the bearings and materials validated during the project.

Larry Jacobs, Divisional Sales and Marketing Director of Hayward Tyler, said “This is a fantastic opportunity for Hayward Tyler to participate and steer the front end advancement of pumping technologies for Concentrating Solar Power. Hayward Tyler has been at the fore front of technology development for high pressure, high temperature and difficult-to-handle fluids for over 200 years and this demonstrates our commitment to continue to work on solutions for advancing power generation technologies.”

A link to the official announcement can be found here.

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