Hayward Tyler Secures First SCR Pump for Coal Clean Up

For many decades, and for the foreseeable future, coal remains the main fossil fuel source for generating electricity globally. In fact, in 2018 coal satisfied about 40% of the global electricity demand. However, as most people are aware, coal is also the most polluting fossil fuel and the industry is coming under increasing pressure to reduce harmful emissions.

Companies around the world are exploring new technologies to reduce emissions from coal fired power stations. These include modern combustion systems to reduce combustion temperatures, naturally reducing emissions, and systems to deal with emissions after the combustion process. The latter includes such technologies as carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Hayward Tyler, owned by Avingtrans plc, are pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded its first contract for an SCR pump on a Chinese coal fired power station. The SCR system combines the flue gases with precise amounts of ammonia or urea over catalysts that speed the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) into nitrogen and water.

The pump, designed in the UK, is currently under manufacture in Hayward Tyler’s new factory in Kunshan, China. This combination brings together the expertise and knowledge developed over decades in the Hayward Tyler’s UK facility and the competiveness, local presence and local market knowledge that the new Chinese operation offers. The new facility in China, formally opened in January 2019, replaces the previous service centre and offers both high end aftermarket service and original equipment manufacturer for China and the rest of the world.

Dr Colin Elcoate, Chief Commercial Officer of Avingtrans and General Manager of Hayward Tyler, China, said: “As the inventor of the wet wound submersible motor, and the associated sealless boiler circulating pump, it is fantastic to see this equipment deployed in technologies designed to clean up fossil fuels. Making this product in China allows Hayward Tyler to provide local tailored solutions that build off a proud global heritage. China is a hugely important market to us, and one that continually evolves, and we have a product, team and manufacturing operation to be proud of.”

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