Hayward Tyler Secures Contract for Nuclear Reactor Internal Pumps worth over £10m

Hayward Tyler is pleased to announce that it has recently secured a contract for over £10m from Vattenfall in Sweden. The contract is to provide critical parts and components to the Reactor Internal Pumps installed at the Forsmark nuclear reactors.

Hayward Tyler, owned by Avingtrans plc and inventor of the wet wound submersible motor, was the first company to deploy this technology for the application of driving primary coolant through the reactor core of a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) in the early 1980s. The Reactor Internal Pump is attached directly to the bottom of the reactor pressure vessel and therefore removed the need for additional pipework and is more efficient, economic and safer than the original designs.

The first reactors to use internal recirculation pumps were designed by ASEA-Atom and built at Forsmark in Sweden in the 1980s. These plants have operated very successfully for many years and Hayward Tyler has provided continuous support. A program of ongoing improvements is being carried out by Vattenfall that are designed to modernize the reactors and extend their operating life which has resulted in this most recent contract. The delivery schedule associated with the contract is between 2020 and 2022.

Hayward Tyler has maintained its commitment to the nuclear industry since the inception of the commercial nuclear market. With the back drop of increasing energy demand and climate change challenges, these contracts reinforce the Hayward Tyler position as a global industry partner in the continued safe operation of low carbon nuclear power plants.

Mike Turmelle, President of the Engineered Pumps and Motors division of Avingtrans, said: “Supporting all our installed base across the globe is in the DNA of Hayward Tyler. The successful operation of these highly engineered, safety related pumps for so many decades is testament to the exacting standards of quality and design of the original product, and we are honored to work with our customer in supporting the next phase of successful, safe operation of the plant”.

Steve McQuillan, CEO of Avingtrans, added: “Avingtrans energy divisions continue to foster their long-term relationships in the nuclear industry which deliver significant value to the business in line with our long-term strategy. We are proud of our business’ nuclear heritage and excited by the opportunities that continue to develop on both operating facilities and new facilities across the nuclear fuel cycle. These contracts reinforce Hayward Tyler’s position as a global industry partner in the continued safe operation of low carbon nuclear power plants”

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