Hayward Tyler Delivers High Temperature Molten Salt Pumps to State-of-the-Art Facility

VERMONT, USA- Hayward Tyler recently shipped four high-temperature molten salt pumps destined for a state-of-the-art Integrated Effects Test (IET) facility, under development by Southern Company and TerraPower to advance development of the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR) – a transformational, fourth-generation, molten salt nuclear technology designed to enable low-cost, economywide decarbonization. Located at TerraPower’s Everett, Washington facility, the IET is a non-nuclear, externally heated multi-loop system intended to validate integrated operation of MCFR systems as well as demonstrate multiple auxiliary MCFR functions.

Southern Company research and development is collaborating with TerraPower, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and a number of partners to explore, develop and demonstrate the MCFR under DOE’s Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC-15) program. The MCFR technology offers a multitude of safety, performance and economic benefits and expands the capabilities of nuclear technology to decarbonize the economy in sectors beyond electricity, including industrial markets that require high-grade process heat and ocean transportation sectors.

The IET pumps supplied by Hayward Tyler were engineered in close coordination with the reactor developer and will be used to investigate various operating scenarios within the test loop ranging from standard start-up/shutdown to simulated off-normal conditions. The pumps are designed and manufactured according to American Society of Mechanical Engineers design codes and can handle molten salt up to 750°C (1380°F). Design, manufacture, and operation of the IET equipment will serve as a basis for the next phases of MCFR pump development and other high-temperature molten salt projects globally. Hayward Tyler is proud to support the advancement of new nuclear technology and high-temperature molten salt applications.

About Hayward Tyler

Hayward Tyler, part of the Engineered Pumps and Motors Division of Avingtrans plc, manufactures and services performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding applications in the global energy and chemical processing industries, specializing in high pressure, high temperature, and difficult-to-handle fluids. The company has built a solid reputation for delivering quality, reliability, and world-class engineering with facilities in the UK, the US, China, and India.

About Terrapower

TerraPower is a leading nuclear innovation company that strives to improve the world through nuclear energy and science. Since it was founded by Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries, TerraPower has emerged as an incubator and developer of ideas and technologies that offer energy independence, environmental sustainability, medical advancement, and other cutting-edge opportunities. It accepts and tackles some of the world’s most difficult challenges. Behind each of its innovations and programs, TerraPower actively works to bring together the strengths and experiences of the world’s public and private sectors to answer pressing global needs.

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