Design Standards

Quality is at the heart of what we do and our reputation is built on it. Hayward Tyler takes pride in providing the optimal quality achievable throughout our products and services.

We can design to the most exacting standards, including ASME, PED, TUV, IBR and Norsok.

Listed below are our policies that we work to throughout the business.

  • To maintain culture where people and the customer are at the forefront of what we do
  • Conduct business in an ethical and professional way with commitment to the highest standard of integrity and business conduct
  • Ensure by commitment to good design and quality controlled manufacture the health and safety of all our stakeholders including those who produce, install, operate and service our products
  • Identify and develop products and services which exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our operations and products throughout their life
  • Continuously seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all our processes ensuring the on-going sustainability of our business management system
  • Establish a framework for the definition monitoring and review of objectives which shall be communicated and understood by all.
  • Ongoing commitment to our people and our customers.


We hold the following certifications:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ASMEN, ASME U, HSB PED H1
and Industrial Cadets Silver Accreditation for Work Experience Programmes


  • ASME
  • PED
  • TUV
  • IBR
  • Norsok

We are constantly looking to improve our standards. See the video of our US operations undertaking a Mega5S event which ultimately resulted in the company gaining ISO9001 accreditation.


  • Promote a world class health and safety culture, specifically for our customers, employees and visitors welfare
  • Maintain robust and efficient processes that deliver the required levels of performance
  • Always act with integrity and honesty
  • Achieve satisfaction for our customers, shareholders and employees
  • Continuously develop, challenge and improve all processes and systems, adopting best practice and world class methods to be the best in class for customers, shareholders and stakeholders.
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