Case Studies

See how Hayward Tyler solutions have helped companies like yours evaluate and improve their operations in some of the most demanding energy applications.


Thermal Stress and Fatigue Life Assessment Validates Flexible Plant Operation

Hayward Tyler engineers used Finite Element Analysis to examine the effects of various operating scenarios on a super critical power plant, allowing plant operators to make better-informed decisions on their operating regimes.

Wind-Milling and Thrust-Bearing Performance Analysis for Multi-Pump Nuclear Test Loop

An engineering study was performed to evaluate the suitability of the reverse thrust bearing in a nuclear canned motor pump. It required a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis under wind-milling conditions and a bearing performance evaluation.

Advanced Scanning and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis on Safety Related Impeller

Using sophisticated scanning and computer analysis, Hayward Tyler engineers validated the performance of a replacement impeller, manufactured in our US facility, for use within a nuclear power plant.


High Pressure, Solids-Tolerant Vertical Canned Motor Pump for Reactor Circulation

A Hayward Tyler single-stage centrifugal pump with a high-pressure mechanical seal was the solution for a chemical plant with a circulation process containing a high level of solids. Its solids-tolerant design handles these difficult conditions perfectly.

Hayward Tyler’s High Pressure Reactor Recycle Pumps for Butanediol (BDO) Production

To meet the challenging conditions of BDO production, Hayward Tyler successfully installed a set of sealless, vertical, canned motor pumps to continuously recycle BDO reactor fluid. The high-pressure design maximizes operational time by eliminating the need for a mechanical seal.

Circulating Pumps for Radiant Syngas Cooling (RSC) System

Hayward Tyler’s vertical RSC circulating pump is one of the most critical and highly-loaded components of this Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) facility, where syngas is produced under demanding conditions.

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