Clean energy

Hayward Tyler is supporting clean energy initiatives worldwide. Our products can be used in at least two key areas of this market – Solar Power Tower and Synthetic Gas systems.

Solar Power Tower systems demand pumping equipment that can handle not only the high pressures and temperatures that these systems operate at; but also must accommodate rapid daily heat up and cool down cycles. Our system designs and material selections are engineered to suit these difficult requirements.

Synthetic Gas Reactors (SynGas), create large volumes of very hot gases that must be cooled prior to further processing. Hayward Tyler design and manufacture pumps that circulate high pressure, high temperature cooling water through the reactor coolers. The hot water created in the coolers can then be either converted to plant steam (on coal to liquids plants) or sent to the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) system (on power based plants). On power generation SynGas systems, using the reactor cooler excess heat to supplement the HRSG system can significantly increase overall plant efficiency.

“No matter how challenging the pumping medium and environments are, Hayward Tyler provides a solution.”

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