The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge bestow the Queens’ Award for Enterprise: International Trade at official opening of Hayward Tyler’s new Centre of Excellence facility

Hayward Tyler Group, is delighted to announce the official opening by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of its Centre of Excellence. Additionally the Duke and Duchess also made the presentation of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, to Ewan Lloyd-Baker, the Chief Executive of the Hayward Tyler Group.

The Duke and Duchess yesterday opened Hayward Tyler’s new “fit-for-nuclear” facility in Luton, which recently underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment which will support the Group’s long-term growth plans across its international markets. The Centre of Excellence is now the world’s most advanced facility for specialist fluid-filled motor manufacturing.

Commenting on the event, Ewan Lloyd-Baker said; “It was a great pleasure to host the Duke and Duchess to officially open the facility and also to present us with the Queen’s Award, an award that demonstrates the significant progress the Hayward Tyler Group has made, and will continue to make, with the help of everyone at the company.”

“It was a pleasure to have so many of our customers and other stakeholders  witness the Royal visit, and see the outcome of all the hard work we have delivered over the past few years. We were proud to showcase the new facility to our strategic partners and loyal customers who will benefit from our enhanced capabilities.”

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Mega Throughput Day

As the development of the Centre of Excellence for specialist motor manufacture continues apace…

Update 3

lanner3cAfter many months of planning and modelling via our Witness Simulation Model we are now moving at pace from the virtual reality world to the physical reality world as our Centre of Excellence (“CoE”) phase 1a nears completion.  As part of the transition – and not to mention our 200th anniversary year – HRH the Duke of Kent toured our facility and viewed our Kardex storage system at the same time as our new CNC Lathe was being delivered.

My colleague Oliver Buhlinger and the Lanner team have also been busy finalising our 3D model and visualising our crane and Cruser™ movements.

From an internal communications perspective, our Witness Simulation Model has also become our number one workforce CoE communication tool. For example, during the month of April we were lucky to be given the opportunity to again visit Dr Rab Scott at the NAMRC facility and demonstrate our latest CoE Witness model. We would like to thank Rab for his inspiring time which has encouraged us to continue our Witness Simulation journey at pace.

On the 17th June Hayward Tyler will be hosting an employee engagement event on site. Thanks to the support of Lanner and Virtalis, Witness Simulation will allow us to demonstrate by way of our 3D model our final CoE factory layout to all employees – more news to follow…

NEWSFLASH: Hayward Tyler’s Witness Simulation Model inspired Centre of Excellence has just reduced its main product lead-time by a further 10 weeks…. further game changing and exciting news to follow in future blogs.


Update 2

hayward-tyler-factory-developmentThe factory expansion project is being supported by the Government’s £300 million Regional Growth Fund (“RGF”) recently announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on 10 April 2014. Potentially up to £3.5 million of RGF grant monies will be used to expand Hayward Tyler’s existing manufacturing and training facilities in Luton, as well as create a global ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Luton for designing mission critical motor and pump technology for the civil nuclear and oil & gas markets.

In order to plan for such an expansion, Hayward Tyler has turned to Lanner Witness simulation software in order to layout the new facility via finite load and capacity witness simulation planning. Hayward Tyler purchased Lanner Witness simulation software in July of this year and, within two months had created a fully functioning growth simulation model – as Lanner says in its advertising a truly ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

Over the coming months the Hayward Tyler and Lanner Witness simulation blog will be updated in order to capture the exciting journey being undertaken by Hayward Tyler – a journey being supported by Lanner Witness simulation software.

Martin Clocherty – General Manager, Operations at Hayward Tyler


Update 1

lanner_1cHayward Tyler’s demolition phase nears completion just as we start the exciting phase of building detail into our Witness Simulation ‘Centre of Excellence’ 3D Model, and start to understand the benefits the model brings to our business. Already we have a clear understanding of product flow, takt-times, lead-times, future CAPEX expenditure requirements, headcount and skills profiles, work in progress levels and most important of all – revenue forecasting; these are just some of the business benefits. The key advantage is that our Witness model in essence allows Hayward Tyler to build a visual MRP system from scratch that is clean of any previous corrupt historical data. The visual and business impact of moving from our 2D to 3D model has been fantastic as the 3D model supports our Centre of Excellence plans in a visually-impacting way but we must remember this is not a toy, but a business improvement tool which more than holds its own. As stated before, Lanner Witness software is a truly out-of-the-box solution that has made an immediate positive business impact on Hayward Tyler.  We are only just scratching the surface of our Witness model’s capabilities.

Martin Clocherty – Manufacturing Systems Director at Hayward Tyler

Virtual Reality VR

Lanner2cThe building of a 3D-CAD Model of our entire facility has given us a tool to plan and trial layouts in a cost-effective way, even to the point of carrying out time and motion studies. The CAD model feeds into the Witness model. It enables us to walk through the processes and the Facility in 3D and Augmented Reality, using head mounted displays. We are planning a mega event where everyone will put on the 3D goggles and walk through the model. We want the future factory layout and process flow approved and understood by all departments. The model is an effective communication tool not only for us, but also our customers. The possibilities to model processes are almost limitless but we want to give it just enough detail to get useful data and learning out of it. We have built custom moving tugs and trolleys, lifting machinery and crane movements in order to understand utilisation and support CAPEX decisions. One lesson learnt so far is making sure that the 2D model is built with the 3DVR in mind, in order to make the transition as easy as possible.

Oliver Buhlinger – Manufacturing Engineer at Hayward Tyler