HTFH Transformation Project, East Kilbride, Scotland – Phase 1

While HTG is investing in the development of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Luton, continuing support for its other global sites (Peter Brotherhood (England), HTFH (Scotland), HTInc (USA), HTK (China) and HTI (India) are being planned on a benefits/cost basis.

In order to future proof the HTFH facility in Scotland a degree of upgrading is required in order to bring its systems, processes, infrastructure and machinery to the desired ISO9 / Fit 4 Nuclear Group level. Using Lean Sigma techniques and processes HTG’s “Transformation Team” have instigated a future proofing improvement project at its HTFH facility in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Enterprise.

The future proofing plan is to modernise the shop floor and systems first by way of consolidating all manufacturing into 2 bays,  allowing the team to bring bay 1 & there after bay 2 up to ISO9 / Fit 4 N particulate level compliance, in order to be able to manufacture Subsea, Nuclear Power and Oil and Gas component parts to the same level of quality as the CoE in Luton.

Several events are being run throughout the year including a Mega 5s event, a Creative-Destructive event, clean lean certification events and site wide communication events. The first phase of the transformation was a Mega 5S event, attended by Rhona Alison, Head of Business Development at Scottish Enterprise.