Update 2

hayward-tyler-factory-developmentThe factory expansion project is being supported by the Government’s £300 million Regional Growth Fund (“RGF”) recently announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on 10 April 2014. Potentially up to £3.5 million of RGF grant monies will be used to expand Hayward Tyler’s existing manufacturing and training facilities in Luton, as well as create a global ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Luton for designing mission critical motor and pump technology for the civil nuclear and oil & gas markets.

In order to plan for such an expansion, Hayward Tyler has turned to Lanner Witness simulation software in order to layout the new facility via finite load and capacity witness simulation planning. Hayward Tyler purchased Lanner Witness simulation software in July of this year and, within two months had created a fully functioning growth simulation model – as Lanner says in its advertising a truly ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

Over the coming months the Hayward Tyler and Lanner Witness simulation blog will be updated in order to capture the exciting journey being undertaken by Hayward Tyler – a journey being supported by Lanner Witness simulation software.

Martin Clocherty – General Manager, Operations at Hayward Tyler